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Appendix and FAQ

4. Appendix and FAQ

Version 6.5

Version 6.5

Version 6.5 has a lot of small updates, and two major ones.

The first is a better control of the allowed text-length that the Admin is allowed to enter. For fields that have a limitation, the number of characters allowed is counted down and shown above the Preview/Publish buttons. When the textlength gets close to the maximum length the background color of the field gets yellow.

Also the fields do not allow text longer than the maxiumum to be entered - and thereby avvoiding errors for the Admin.


New Module: Event News

A new module has been created and we call it "Event News". We already have a module called "News" and "News Events" - so what is the difference ?


"News" and "News Events" are news-items that keeps your website up to date: What is happening, what are the new products we are offering etc. The difference between the two is that "News Events" are news about events - and therefore the sorting order is different from traditional news items (you can read more about it here)

Our new module "Event News" are events that have a defined name, location, time and duration. These Events can also be categorized with many selections criterias defined by the Webmaster - eg. Type of event, Organizer, target group (children, adults...) - and they are searchable both on free-text and by selecting the criterias from drop-down fields.

If you would like to implement the new module on your website, then please contact us.

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