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Appendix and FAQ

3. Facts and Features



Articles are one of the most used modules in abcOnline-CMS. They display a Heading, Ingress, Text (in different paragraphs) with or without pictures and can also include documents (such as PDF, Images and/or Powerpoint slides) for the user to download.

At the bottom of the Article the Editor can decide if a webform shall appear - that lets the visitor submit a request, and/or if it is possible for the visitor to leave a comment or recommend the page on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Articles are menubased and can only appear on one menu location.

The webmaster can decide that articles shall be displayed as "Complete" or as a "List", and how many shall appear. The list of "Read more" articles to the right shows the articles as a List form, and by clicking on the Heading you are reading the text viewed as "Complete".

In addition to the standard fields Heading, Ingress, Content and picture fields, the Articles can also have an unlimited number of paragraphs. Each paragraph has a heading that does not need to be displayed, content and can have pictures and/or documents (e.g a PDF file)

If there are several paragraph a list of the paragraphs can automatically be displayed and also a "Go to top" link after each paragraph.

At the bottom of each article a Survey (i.e. a webform) can be displayed. The Designer creates the Webforms and the Editor can choose which one (if any) shall be displayed. Each Webform will send e-mail to a designated set of adresses, and the Editor can in additon choose which other e-mails shall receive the answers.

If the answers from the surveys are stored in the database, the Editor can also define what users or user-groups that can read the results. The results will appear in the Editor menu below the list of modules that the Editor has access to.

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