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Appendix and FAQ

3. Facts and Features


Example of newsletter from abcOnline-CMS

Sending out a Newsletter with abcOnline-CMS is easy and mostly based on existing content that has already been written and published on the website.

The Newsletter consists of a Main story, much like an Article, and then you can decide if News items, News (events), Products and upcoming events (Events, Tournaments, and Training Courses) should be included).

The News items of various categories are included if the Category they belong to have been determined to be available for Newsletter by the Webmaster (Webmaster -> Categories), and if the Admin has checked the "Newsletter" checkbox for that particular news item.

In the Main Story, the Admin can add paragraphs with or without heading and images. The images can be set to be displayed centered or left/right. The width of the images in the first part or in the paragraphs will be adjusted automatically by the code when published.

Newsletter and Picture widths

The Main Story will be 400px wide if there are News/Events, and 587px wide if there are no News/Events in the Newsletter.

The pictures should have these sizes at least

Main Story first part
- Left or Right: 250 px
- Centered: 560 px
Main Story paragraphs
- Left or right: 150 px
- Centered: 250 px
News and Events (if the Show Pictures checkbox is checked)
- Centered (automatically) 139px

Newsletter settings

Newsletter settings
Determining the newsletter settings

When the Newsletter is published, the Admin determines the time range of News items to be included by setting a date range in the "News from" and "News until" fields.

The number of events to be included is determined by entering a number in the "# of future events" field.

The Name of the Author of the newsletter is entered, and the "Show Author" check-box determines if the name of the Author is shown at the bottom of the main story in the Newsletter.

The "Show Pictures" checkbox determines if the News are shown with pictures or not.

Finally, the check-box "Send to all members and visitors" should be checked if the newsletter should be sent to everyone, even if the News in the Newsletter does not match the subscription of the member/visitor, and thereby the Newsletter only contains the Main Story + news of categories that are sent to all members/visitors.

If the "Send to all" check-box is not checked, you will ensure that members/visitors only get a newsletter when they receive news that they have actually signed up for.

Once the Newsletter has been published and sent to all Members and/or Visitors that were registered at that time, the statistic of opened newsletters (in this case 1440, 8.55%) will be shown.

Test and Publish the newsletter

To test the newsletter, press the "Preview" button in the Admin interface. The newsletter will now be presented to you, but may not look exactly like it will in an e-mail program.

abcOnline-CMS has entered the e-mail of the Admin user, and you can either enter one or more e-mails (separated by semi-colon ;) or accept the suggestion and click the "Send test Newsletter" button.

You will then receive an e-mail with the Newsletter, however the Subject and the Heading of the Newsletter has been given the word "(Test)" to show you that this is not the published newsletter.

When you accept the content of the Newsletter, you click the "Publish" button.

To avvoid appearing to send out spams, the newsletter will be sent out in batches with a time delay between the batches.

As the Newsletter is published, you will see that "Newsletter" appears under the Publisher-section in the Admin menu. By selecting this menu, the publishing will start. Please leave the window open until all newsletters have been sent out and the Newsletter will then change status to "Archived".

Preparing the design and admin content of the newsletter

A Newsletter consists of the Main Story and the News/Events to be included at the time of the publishing.

But in addition, the Newsletter has to be prepared with the correct style (Cascading Style Sheet) that is added by the Designer and included within each e-mail. The Designer also prepares a Banner Image (587px wide) that is given the name "Banner.jpg" and placed in the Newsletter folder at the same level as the "Default" folder for the website design.


The Webmaster can also add text to be placed above or below the Newsletter Main Story/News, and can add a HTML code to be shown below the banner. This code would typically show images to e.g. the Facebook page etc.

News, Events, Product etc. listings can also be given different headings that match the website. E.g. if the Products module is used to publish reports, the heading should be changed to "Reports".

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