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Appendix and FAQ

3. Facts and Features


We have added a new module and called it "Picture".

This module is in fact the same as an article, but without the heading and the ingress - so why do you need it ?

We have a principle, that the Designer makes the design, the Webmaster defines the structure and the Admin writes and publish the text. We do not want the Admin to have to think about how his text and illustration should appear on the website.

Recently we have made some designs that needs a large picture at the very top of the page (in Main). Using the Article module to do this is possible - but then the Admin would have to be told that for this particular position, she should not write a headline for the story (or add an ingress - although this could automatically have been removed if the Webmaster defines it so).

Therefore; to avvoid having to evaluate how and when a story needs a headline, we created a new module that does the trick.


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