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Appendix and FAQ

3. Facts and Features



The Slideshow module displays one or more pictures - either individually, as a matrix or by gradually fading one picture in to replace the existing (this feature uses the Motool javascript and is defined by the Designer)

The webmaster defines if the slideshow is menuspecific or uses categories and if the pictures are displayed individually or in a matrix. When in a matrix the picture size is defined by the Designer (width & height of the picture), and the Webmaster displays how many rows to display on one page.

To move from one picture or group of pictures to another the visitor to the website clicks on the Next/Previous (or First/Last) buttons on the page.

When the Editor adds one or more pictures the sorting order defines how they are presented. It is possible for the Editor to reorder or insert new pictures by clicking the "Make room" or "Reorder entries" buttons in the Admin interface.

It is also possible to create groups of pictures by giving them different "Group" numbers. When the pictures are displayed in Update, only the first picture (or the name of the picture) is displayed. That way the same module can be used to show many different Events - each individually grouped. (The "Make room" and "Reorder entries"-buttons will only affect the group that is selected)


Slideshow effects

Slideshow example
Above is an example of the Wowslider effect.

New as of February 2012 is that we have added the possibility to display the pictures with various effects.

We have used the Wowslider and Lightbox as basis for the effects, and designs, and the Webmaster can easily select the effect that they want: e.g. Fade, Stack, Fly, Blur (all wowslider effects) or Lightbox (used when the height & width of the pictures are varied.

To use the slideshow effects, the Designer must first add the correct design that suits the website, and thereafter the Webmaster selects the Slideshow with displaytype "List" and then selects the desired effect.

For more information, please contact your designer or AlphaBit.

To see examples on how the Wowslider effect (Fade) is used, please visit the AlphaBit Webdesign website.

Please click here to read more about how to define the slideshow module.

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