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Appendix and FAQ

1. Introduction

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a website.

It allows the users to create, modify and remove the content of the website without having to know HTML code or knowing how to transfer information from their own computer to the server where the website is hosted.

A CMS is used by companies and organisations that need updated websites, or websites with content that they themselves can change without having to rely on computer experts for every change.

Using a CMS is the only alternative for those that want a website updated at all times, the alternative is to have the skills to first code in HTML and then use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program to transfer the code to the server.

A good CMS lets you work with a text editor to place text and include pictures of your choice. Many CMSs give you all the possibilities, but also the difficulties of a desktop publishing program and you must decide size and placement of pictures and text. abcOnline-CMS automatically makes the placement for you, according to the design guides for your website.

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