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Appendix and FAQ

1. Introduction

What is abcOnline-CMS?

The abcOnline-CMS home page abcOnline-CMS is a dynamic Content Management System. It is hosted on a webserver and every user of the system has access to the website from any computer with internet access.

abcOnline-CMS is provided as a "Software as a Service ", which means that whenever there is an update in the program files or a modification necessary in the database, this is done automatically. You do not need to download or install any updates, just log on to the system and the new features and functionality are already available to you.

Although abcOnline-CMS can be used to quickly build a small, 2-3 page website, its full power is shown for advanced sites that use more of the features available.

For most customers, we also recommend that the concept, design, structure, etc. is planned and implemented with the help of experts that know how the possibilities of the Internet can best be used to create awareness about, market and sell a company's products and services.

abcOnline-CMS enables a division of labor by giving different kinds of access and possibilities to various users.

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