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Appendix and FAQ

1. Introduction

What makes abcOnline-CMS so special?

Unlike many other CMSs, abcOnline-CMS builds a homepage by placing modules in a structure. The structure is made up of menu items, and most modules are placed in a framework consisting of the following:

  • Main
  • Update
  • Footer
If every homepage built using abcOnline-CMS uses the same basic framework, then you would guess that every homepage looks the same. Don't they?

No, and one of the main reasons is the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These are defined by the Designer and guide not only the look and feel of the homepage, the menus and the individual modules (Articles, News, Documents, etc.) within the Framework - but also the positioning of each element in the structure.

This is not only done to make the design of each homepage unique, but also to make it more Search Engine friendly and optimized. The CMS orders the elements of the page so that they appear in an optimal way to the search engines, the Designer uses the CSS to position them so that they appear in the best way to the visitors.

For example, the Menu is always the same on every page - at least the 1st menu level. Therefore the Search Engines (e.g. Google and Yahoo) should not have to read them first, because it may suggest that each page is almost like the other. Also there is a limit to how much text the Search Engines will index on a page. (Search Engine Indexing Limits: Where Do the Bots Stop?)

Therefore abcOnline-CMS can place the menu items at the "bottom" of the page, but the Designer can use the CSS to position those menus at the top or to the left of the page on screen, where the user expects to find them.

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