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Appendix and FAQ

1. Introduction

Welcome to abcOnline-CMS

On this web page you will find four online manuals introducing you to abcOnline-CMS, a special Content Management System (CMS). This first manual serves as an introduction to the CMS concept in general and to our system in particular. Once you are familiar with these, please browse through the other manuals, which will explain how to use abcOnline-CMS to define a web page, special features of the system and various other support resources.

Our idea when we developed abcOnline-CMS was to make it possible for the webmaster to update her website by selecting from a set of alternatives and filling in the required information. In addition, the people responsible for the content on the web pages should be able to delegate the task of writing the content, but reserve the right to approve the content before publication.

As we developed abcOnline-CMS our goal was to make it so powerful that it would be able to create any kind of homepage using the style that the webmaster wanted. We knew that this could not be done by offering a fixed set of layout alternatives, so our next step was to make abcOnline-CMS a tool for web designers. Any web designer worth using is proud to make designs that are suited to and fitting the needs of the customer, and - ultimately - fitting the needs of the customer's customer, the visitors to the homepage. That could easily be achieved by letting the web designer write advanced code to build the homepage. Easy for us, that is, but costly and complex for the designer and the website owner. Instead, we have developed abcOnline-CMS so that the designer can define the design, structure, and presentation almost without limitations, using simple point and click operations in addition to the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

"Almost without limitations"? That does not sound quite right, does it? Are there limitations or are there not? Sure, there are limitations in abcOnline-CMS, but they are constantly stretched and removed. Our goal is to make abcOnline-CMS into a tool that can create any kind of homepage, while at the same time following guidelines that make the homepages user-friendly and the tool itself easy to use and understand.

Helga Krumbeck
AlphaBit Data
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