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Appendix and FAQ

2. Using abcOnline-CMS

Building the structure

Building the structure

The Webmaster has the task of building the structure of the website, place Modules (on Main, Update and the Footer) and assign access rights to the Admin users (Webmasters, Publishers and Editors).


The Webmaster also updates the Impressum and Metatags for the website.

Webmaster Login and Logout

Webmaster Login and Logout

The Webmaster is an Admin user with Webmaster privileges. She logs in as a normal Administrator and because of her privileges, she can choose "Webmaster" in the "Go to" dropdown-list at the top of the window.

To Log out from the site, you can choose "Log out" from the "Go to" dropdown list. abcOnline-CMS will then delete the Cookie and clear the Session data and return you to the website.

abcOnline-CMS will then present all the Webmaster functionalities that are available to the Edition used by the Client.


Choose a view

Choose a view

As the Webmaster is working to build the Structure, she can open different views of the website by selecting the view from the "Open" drop-down list at the top of the Webmaster window.

  • The website: Displays the website as a normal visitor will see it, but abcOnline-CMS will typically recognize that the visitor has Admin rights and therefore display "(Admin)" in the Title of the website, and display an "Edit" pencil on items that the Admin with Editor rights can edit.
  • Show Structure: Will display the website, but instead of the content (text and pictures), abcOnline-CMS will display the different modules, module type, Default publisher, Categories used and Admin users with Editor and Publisher access for this particular webpage.
  • Show Found Content: The website will be displayed with information about what the visitors clicked on from one particular webpage. The Webmaster can then check how effective a webpage or an article is to engage and keep the visitors on the site.
  • Show in work: The website will be displayed with the menu items that are marked as "Not visible" and therefore invisible for normal visitors. Menu items are either marked as "Not visible", because the content is not yet ready to be displayed to the public, or because the content should be displayed without a menu item being selected when the webpage is opened.

The Framework

Unlike many other CMS, abcOnline builds a homepage by placing modules on a structure. The structure is made up of the menu items and most modules are placed on a framework consisting of:

  • Main
  • Update
  • Footer

Main is the area where the main or most important information of the menu item is displayed. Here the visitor can read the latest news, download a document or read an article.

Update is the area we use to point out what has happened lately: A shortnews flash tells you what is happening today, a list of News items are shown and the visitor can select which one he wants to read.

The Footer is the same for all menu items, and this is where standard information like the "Impressum" (corporate and legal notice), Contact Us and Terms and Conditions are shown. These items are opened in pop-up windows, because they are independent of the menu item that the user has chosen.

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