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Appendix and FAQ

2. Using abcOnline-CMS

Preparing the website

Websites that are powered by abcOnline-CMS are hosted on a server belonging to AlphaBit Data.

The first step is to define the website as a Client in the database, with the correct Edition and Languages. At a later stage, the Domain (URL or URLs) of the customer can be registered or transferred to the server and linked to the Client. At this time the E-mails can be defined.

Each Client using abcOnline-CMS is "owned" by a Designer, and he will see the new Client when he logs in to the Designer interface. He will also get FTP access to the location on the server where abcOnline-CMS uploads necessary files (CSS and design pictures) used for this specific website.

For websites that use the Member or Visitor module, specific database fields are defined by the Service Provider or by the Designer himself.

The Designer also defines the webforms used by the website.

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