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Appendix and FAQ

2. Using abcOnline-CMS

Updating the content

Updating the content

The website is updated by Editors and published by those that have been given Publishing rights.

The Structure of the website has been defined by the Webmaster and she has placed Modules on different menu locations in Main, Update and on the Footer. For each menu specific module, and each Category for each moduletype, she has given Access rights to other Admin users that should edit and publish the information.

As the Admin user logs in, he will see a Menu with all the different Module types that he can edit. If there is Content that should be published, he will see these under "Publisher", and a small arrow and a number indicates how many items are waiting for him.

In the first window, the Editor and Publisher can see a list of all the recent updates, choose to see only one Module type and select another Publish period to see e.g. what has been modified over the last 6 weeks on the webpage.

From the generated list, you can click to see what this item looks like on the website, or click to edit it.


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