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Appendix and FAQ

2. Using abcOnline-CMS

Websites with abcOnline-CMS

In this manual we will describe the functionality offered by abcOnline-CMS and the steps required to build and maintain a professional website.

abcOnline-CMS has a lot of features and functionality, and the use of these are divided among the following roles: (Note that these are logical roles as defined by the system. Your organisation may differ so that one person or division may assume responsibility for several roles, and one role may be divided among several persons or divisions.)

Service provider
The Service provider adds new clients with the right edition and functionalities, defines the URL to the Website, defines the language, sets the correct Edition and configures the database for necessary functionality. Associated with the website is also the definition of e-mail addresses, FTP access to the server and backup/restoration of data. The Service provider also updates the abcOnline-CMS with new functionality.

Since abcOnline-CMS is a centrally hosted solution, we perform all these duties, and not your organisation.

The Designer is responsible for the graphical layout and presentation of the website. He defines what elements (Banner, PageHeading, Navigation...) that should be available and its location on the screen. He also defines the size of pictures and the availability of fonts and colours.

The Webmaster builds the structure and places the correct Modules on the Main, Update and Footer sections. She also assigns Access rights and updates the Impressum and MetaTags.

The publisher controls the content (Text, Pictures and Documents) that the Editors have created. She is responsible for controlling the content and for changing it or returning it to the Editor, if any information is incorrect.

The Editors have been given access to create content for some or all of the site. The access rights can be assigned to a group of Admin users so that any Editor that belongs to that group gets these rights, or it can be assigned on an individual level. He will then have access to write e.g. Product News and the Articles for the Product section of the website, but cannot change the content on other sections.

The users are those who visit the website. abcOnline-CMS can distinguish between guests, registered Visitors, registered Members, Admins (Webmasters/Publishers/Editors) and non-registered users. By making this distinction, abcOnline-CMS can permit or deny access to parts of the website, or e.g. turn off the user-statistics for an admin user.

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